Have you got a song that’s very close to your heart? A first dance at a wedding? A song that you sang to a newborn child for hours in the hope of stopping them crying? A song that reminds you of a significant time in your life?

The first lyric picture I did was a quote from a Stevie Wonder song, ‘You are the sunshine of my life’. It was the first dance song when Scott and I got married in 2004. Obviously we chose the song because we liked the words, but it wasn’t until I printed the words on canvas and framed them that I realised what really beautiful and truly significant lyrics they are for us. And now I get to see them everyday because they’re hanging above our bed.

If you’d like to immortalise some lyrics that are special to you or someone close to you, have a look at the pictures below for some ideas and please get in touch. You can go for the whole song, a snippet of a song, different fonts, or different ways to personalise the picture with dates, words, name and initials.








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  1. Totally love the website well done to you both! Really like the design and obviously all your beautiful creations! I have several I would like- Tim loved the Julie and wedding one and is really keen for more to take out to the USA for our dear friends there.

  2. Totally loved my lyric picture it was perfect and has pride of place in our wee cottage.
    Thank you Claire:-)
    I shall be coming back for more xxx

  3. Thank you so much Claire for producing such a lovely picture for my niece’s wedding. The happy couple were totally overwhelmed and I’m sure they will treasure it forever. I will be back in the future and will highly recommend you to anyone who wants to buy a unqiue and treasured gift.
    Thank you again xxxxx

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